Hutch (aka Monty) – Happy Tails Update!

Hutch (now known as Monty) – Happy Tails Update!  Monty loves the pool!  As Erica (his human Mom stated) he swims like a seal.  He is a great swimmer.  Everything is fun and games for Monty.  Monty jumps in the pool with the family.  He gets the ball or toy and swims over to Tula (his sister/best friend) and brings her the ball.  Tula does not like getting into the pool.  Monty then gets out and does it again or sits on the step.  He is very busy this summer.  His humans have had multiple visitors and he has loved the attention…from long walks to extra cuddles.  He cannot wait until his big human brother Neil gets home from work so they can play chase.  Tula and Monty have another game.  She drops the ball from the landing, he gets it and brings it up the stairs and goes back down and they start all over again!

Happy Tails Monty!    


Hutch – Happy Tails!

This handsome boy sporting the yellow life jacket is Hutch.  He is now called Monty.  Monty came to Russell Rescue in March of this year and found his home around May.  He hit the jackpot with his new family!  He has a best buddy/sister named Tula.  As you can see, they are having an awesome summer!  Happy Tails Monty!  You and Tula don’t get into too much trouble!  

Tex – Happy Tails!

Check out this amazing Happy Tails story written by Julie (loving Mom of Tex!)  We couldn’t be more thrilled for Tex!  He hit the jackpot!  Happy Tails Tex!

“It’s Official – we have a new Devlin!  Welcome to the family Tex!  We felt the Fourth of July was the perfect “Gotcha Day”.  Tex (13) arrived January 2, 2022, as a foster for Russell Rescue Inc..  He had severe dental disease.  He was unsure how to trust and love.  

Well, that’s all changed! 

Tex, fondly known as Mundo and Gumby, is now toothless with an appetite that rivals his senior brother Chip’s.  He shares a bed with his brother Bruno.  He and his sister Olive hang out.  He found his voice and joins in on the barking fests.  He displays frequent “Wilburisms”.  Most of all, he knows what love, security and trust mean. 

❤️ HE IS HOME ❤️

Happy Gotcha Day sweet Tex. We love you! (7/4/22) Thank you,  Russell Rescue for bringing him into our lives.

If you are unsure about adopting a senior, don’t be! They are amazing and love with their whole heart! ❤️”

Rosie – Happy Tails Update!

We got this update last week on little Miss Rosie! Her mom says this about her:
“Rosie is living her best life. She’s taking agility classes now. She’s amazing!”
Happy Tails Rosie! Have a fantastic summer!

Roscoe aka Moose – Happy Tails!

Roscoe was rescued from a shelter in Oklahoma recently.  He found a wonderful forever home with a previous adopter.  Here’s what his new mom has to say about him!  

“I have renamed Roscoe to Moose, his official title is “Second Chance Mulligan Moose”.  He is fitting in nicely with the pack, even had a meeting with the rat at barn hunt practice.  Moose is a busy boy and has started basic obedience classes.  Thanks for giving us a second chance, I have given him the birthday of October 17th, National Mulligan Day.”

Happy Tails Moose! 

Check out the video here!  

Barkley – Happy Tails!

Barkley came to Russell Rescue in September of 2021. This guy had been living outside, and didn’t know what it was like to be spoiled or loved. He didn’t know about couches, laps, and snuggles in soft blankets. Barkley found an amazing home last Fall. As you can see from the video and pics, he’s definitely figured out what couches and snuggles are all about! Barkley’s mom is amazing and she is teaching him all kinds of neat things. He recently won the small dog division recall race! And he’s starting level 2 obedience classes soon. Barkley is so smart and loves all the new attention from Mom. He had his photo made with the Easter Bunny last week and wanted to share with us.

Also, did you know Jack Russells can sing? Well, Barkley can! Check out the video! From streets and shelters, to couches and laps!! This is what rescue is all about! Happy Tails Barkley!

Colonel Nugget Harrell – RRI Supporter

Colonel Nugget HarrellI’m Colonel Nugget Harrell.  I was born June 2nd, 2016. I was born deaf, but that is not my claim to fame!  I am extremely smart. I know hand signals, give great kisses, love everyone and everyone loves me!  My mom says I am also pretty darn cute! I am a big supporter of Russell Rescue, Inc. I love to earn chore money for this great cause.  I save my allowance and my birthday money and donate some to Russell Rescue, Inc. Mom says I am the best and most generous Jack Russell in the world!

I am hoping all the Jacks in foster homes will find their perfect homes, soon!  I have the best Mom and Dad in the world, and I am wishing that for you, too!

Colonel Nugget Harrell


Addie: Happy Tails

We just love Happy Tails stories around here!  This one comes from Kathy.  She is Addie’s mom.  Read their heartwarming story below.  Thank you Kathy, for sharing the photos and story with us!  And thank you for giving Addie a wonderful, forever family!  Happy Tails Addie!  We are so happy for you!

“Addie is an amazing little dog!  She was found as a stray in Oklahoma and placed in foster care with Russell Rescue.  After saying goodbye to my 12 year old Corgi, I swore I’d never go through that heartbreak again, but after a few months I couldn’t take the quietness in our home anymore.  I started by looking at local breeders, but by chance I found Russell Rescue online and realized how many misplaced dogs are looking for safe and loving homes.  I saw Addie’s picture and thought maybe she was the one. Her caption read “Can you say perfect dog” and that was spot on!
Russell Rescue took great care to visit our home to see the environment Addie would be living in, and her well-being was their top priority.  Understandably, Addie was a bit hesitant and conservative at first.  She has been with us for 3 months now and what an awesome life we have together!  As she got more comfortable with us, she shared some little tricks that she knows: dancing, sitting up with her paws out, she will even jump thru a hula hoop!  I’m greeted each and every morning with her spunky personality and unconditional love.  She loves riding in the car and of course, our evening walks.  There are 3 little girls that play on their bicycles every evening and Addie ALWAYS has to stop and say hello, get their cookies and dirt kisses, and then we enjoy the rest of our walk.  We end each day snuggled together in the recliner, so thankful for our new life together!”
Addie Addie

Miss Pinkie: Happy Tails

This little Jack is Miss Pinkie. She was adopted last year by Sandra and Rick. This summer she got to float the river! She has a forever family who loves her from now on, and even takes her on incredible vacations with them! Happy Tails Miss Pinkie!