Bunny – Happy Tails!

Bunny (now called Sammi) came to be a part of the Russell Rescue, Inc. family in March of this year.  It didn’t take long for this adorable scruffy little cutie to find her forever home!  Sammi is living the good life!  Happy Tails Sammi!  


Ruckus – Happy Tails!

This adorable JRT is Ruckus! He was adopted by a wonderful family and is living the dream life! His mom sent us an update. Happy Tails Ruckus!

“Here’s an update on our little man Ruckus. Tomorrow we will have him 10 months at home and he is doing great. He brings us joy daily and fun since all he wants is play and attention! He is a funny little dog and he loves balls and he hates any kind of box that arrives in our house! We love him!”


Maddie – Happy Tails!

Little Miss Maddie is going to be a year old very soon! Her mom sent us an update on what this Russell Rescue alumni is up to these days.

“We made it through 6/7 weeks of Puppy STAR class (still waiting on that last ‘Graduation’ class). The only thing we have struggled with is the loud/sudden noises part because she is just a very, very sensitive little girl <3 She did well in class overall, even with 8-10 other pups in the class!”

You go Maddie! We are so proud of you and happy for you!


Cassie – Happy Tails!

You may remember sweet Cassie. This momma came to Russell Rescue when a good Samaritan found her and her litter of puppies living under their house. All of Cassie’s puppies found wonderful homes and then it was time for this momma to find her forever family. She was adopted back in May by a wonderful family in New Mexico. Cassie is living her best life now! She is loved and spoiled, as she should be! From streets and shelters, to laps and couches, this is what rescue is all about! Happy Tails Cassie!


Monty – Happy Tails!

How do Jacks beat the extreme heat of summer! Here’s how! Monty (formally Hutch) loves to go swimming! He loves his pool and is in it a lot. It’s one of his favorite exercises. His dad says he has flippers instead of paws! He is very fit from all the swimming. He also goes for a run almost every morning! He will bring the ball to his sister Tula because she does not leave the step on the pool. Monty is a good brother! He is living his best life in his forever home! Happy Tails Monty!





Harley – Happy Tails!

Harley (formerly known as Louise) dropped by to say hello! Harley was rescued from an East Texas area shelter but found an absolutely wonderful family! She is living her best life! Harley wanted to wish everyone a happy day and remind everyone that fostering saves lives! Happy Tails Harley!


Travis – Happy Tails!

This handsome boy is Travis…now called Huck.  He and his brother were dumped in Texas, and found their way to Russell Rescue.  They were both very very shy.  We weren’t sure that Huck would ever trust anyone enough to be adopted.  But after some TLC from his foster mom, and the perfect adopter, he is Home Sweet Home!  Huck just needed the right situation in which to thrive.  And that’s exactly what he is doing.  Thriving!  From streets and shelters, to laps and couches, that’s what rescue is all about!  Happy Tails Huck! 


Mina – Happy Tails!

Mina was rescued from a Houston, Texas area shelter last Summer.  She was a thin little gal when she first joined the Russell Rescue family.  And she also had heartworms, but received treatment and is now doing great!  Mina found the perfect home around Christmas last year and is now living the life!  As you can see, she is a very good helper!  And she also just wants someone to throw her ball!  Happy Tails Mina! 


Miss Lucky – Happy Tails!

Miss Lucky came to be a part of the Russell Rescue family last Fall when her owner could no longer keep her.  She settled into her foster home nicely and was ready to find her forever home!  This beautiful JRT needed an owner who would play with her and give her some attention.  She’s an energetic girl!  The perfect home came along!  As you can see from the photo, Miss Lucky has a new best buddy!  They love to keep watch over their yard from their favorite window!  Happy Tails Miss Lucky!  


Roper – Happy Tails!

Roper first joined the Russell Rescue family last Summer when he was rescued from a shelter in Michigan.  Roper is now called Tucker.  He found the perfect home only a few short months after coming to Russell Rescue.  This handsome pair is Tucker and his best buddy, Sadie.  They love spending time together and keeping each other company.  And they are always on squirrel patrol!  Happy Tails Tucker!