Barkley – Happy Tails!

Barkley came to Russell Rescue in September of 2021. This guy had been living outside, and didn’t know what it was like to be spoiled or loved. He didn’t know about couches, laps, and snuggles in soft blankets. Barkley found an amazing home last Fall. As you can see from the video and pics, he’s definitely figured out what couches and snuggles are all about! Barkley’s mom is amazing and she is teaching him all kinds of neat things. He recently won the small dog division recall race! And he’s starting level 2 obedience classes soon. Barkley is so smart and loves all the new attention from Mom. He had his photo made with the Easter Bunny last week and wanted to share with us.

Also, did you know Jack Russells can sing? Well, Barkley can! Check out the video! From streets and shelters, to couches and laps!! This is what rescue is all about! Happy Tails Barkley!

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