Hutch (aka Monty) – Happy Tails Update!

Hutch (now known as Monty) – Happy Tails Update!  Monty loves the pool!  As Erica (his human Mom stated) he swims like a seal.  He is a great swimmer.  Everything is fun and games for Monty.  Monty jumps in the pool with the family.  He gets the ball or toy and swims over to Tula (his sister/best friend) and brings her the ball.  Tula does not like getting into the pool.  Monty then gets out and does it again or sits on the step.  He is very busy this summer.  His humans have had multiple visitors and he has loved the attention…from long walks to extra cuddles.  He cannot wait until his big human brother Neil gets home from work so they can play chase.  Tula and Monty have another game.  She drops the ball from the landing, he gets it and brings it up the stairs and goes back down and they start all over again!

Happy Tails Monty!    


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