Rescue Partnerships Save Lives!

Here at Russell Rescue, Inc., foster homes are our biggest need.  There are so many Jack Russells out there in need, and we are limited on how many we can help because of a shortage of committed foster homes.  Permian Basin Animal Advocates is a non-profit serving the Permian Basin area in Texas.  Bessie came along in their area needing help!  They stepped up with a foster home, and Russell Rescue, Inc. helped out with vetting.  Bessie was able to get a damaged eye removed and 5 infected teeth pulled.  She is feeling so much better!  Bessie was able to go home with her foster mom last week and is recovering.  

We wanted to say thank you SO much to Permian Basin Animal Advocates for helping to save little Bessie.  We may not have had a foster home available for Bessie, but the collaboration between our rescue groups still saved a JRT in need.  This is what rescue is all about: putting the animals in need first and thinking outside the box to save them and get them into loving forever homes!  We hope to report back soon with pics of Bessie living her best life in her forever home!

If you are able to foster a Jack Russell Terrier in need, please complete a volunteer form here.   Currently, we have volunteers located mostly in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Iowa, Ohio, Kansas, Idaho and New England.  Russell Rescue covers all expenses, so all you need to worry about are the belly rubs and snuggles with your dog!  Read more about our organization here

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