Update on Lacy!

You will remember that we recently welcomed back to Russell Rescue this beautiful little senior lady whose name is Lacy.  She was adopted 4-5 years ago.  Unfortunately, Lacy’s owner passed away recently and there was not a good place for Lacy to go.  She returned to her previous Russell Rescue foster mom.  She has been settling in and acclimating to her new life.  

Lacy had her dental cleaning done a few days ago.  Thank you for your generous donations that made it possible!  About 10 teeth were pulled and she had to have sutures in her gums.  She was not feeling too great right after her procedure, but she’s SO much better now!  Those rotten teeth needed to come out of there!  Lacy is pretty hard of hearing and she was diagnosed with cataracts.  But she’s playful and still has that typical JRT feisty personality.  Lacey is happy and feels good now.  She is ready to find her forever home!

Anyone interested in adopting Lacy can apply here and the Rescue Coordinator will contact you.  We do not ship our dogs, so Lacy’s new owner will need to travel to San Antonio, Texas to get her.  


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