Welcome to Russell Rescue – Lucy!

Welcome to the Russell Rescue family!  This fuzzy wuzzy is Lucy.  She is in foster care in Abilene, Texas.  Her owner could no longer care for her so she joined our rescue.  We don’t know too much about her yet, but her foster parents are learning all about her and what type of adoptive home she will require.  We do know that she’s about 2 ½ years old.  Her vet visit is in a couple of days and we will know more about her health after that.  She also has a spa day scheduled soon!  In the meantime, Lucy is settling into her foster home.  She is having fun looking out the window with her foster brother and keeping an eye on things in the yard.  

Lucy will be available for adoption soon.  Watch for her post here on our website.  Anyone interested in adopting her can apply here.  We don’t ship our dogs, so Lucy’s adopter will need to travel to the Abilene, Texas area to get her.  Welcome to the family Lucy!  We are going to find you the perfect home!  


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