Welcome To Russell Rescue – Roper!

Welcome to the Russell Rescue family – Roper!  He came to Russell Rescue this week from a shelter in Michigan.  His vet visit is Wednesday, June 13th, and we will get him all checked out.  We don’t know much about Roper yet.  We do know he’s 2 years old.  He just arrived at his foster home this week and his foster mom is learning all about Roper and his personality.  We do know that when he first arrived at his foster home, he was nervous and unsure of everything.  But now that he’s settled in, he’s very sweet and affectionate.  We will know better, in the days to come, what type of adoptive home Roper will require.  

Roper is located in Toledo, Ohio.  He will be available for adoption soon.  Watch for his post, including his adoption requirements, here on our website.  Anyone interested in adopting Roper can apply here.  We don’t ship our dogs, so his adopter will need to travel to the Toledo, Ohio area to get him.  Welcome to the family Roper! We are going to find you the perfect home where you will never be nervous again!!

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