Welcome to Russell Rescue – Goose!

Poor Goose.  She had to leave her home, but she is in a wonderful foster home in New Braunfels, Texas.  She’s about 2 years old and very frisky and loving.  Her vet work will be updated next week and she will be ready to be someone’s everything.  Join us in welcoming Goose to the Russell Rescue, Inc. family.  We are going to find her the best home ever!


Happy Tails for Luna!!

Poor Luna was found in a residential neighborhood in Dallas locked inside a small crate sitting on the side of the road in March of this year. The finder saw the crate and went over to investigate and discovered a starving, urine stained, smelly little female Jack Russell Terrier locked inside. Fast forward to today! Luna found her forever home!

Luna is traveling the country with her mom and dad and brother Chase. She is living the dream. Happy, healthy, maybe a little bit spoiled, and definitely loved! From streets and shelters to laps and couches….this is what rescue is all about! Happy Tails Luna!!

Luna and Chase


Kauffee and Krem’s Big Summer Adventures!

Happy Tails updates from Kauffee Mocha and Krem!  They recently had a spa day to get ready for their upcoming summer adventures!  They are going on a road trip to Florida and Michigan.  Kauffee is always the lead.  Krem cries with the minimum of separation from Kauffee Mocha!  They are best buddies.  They are super excited and prepped and ready to head out for some summer time fun! 

Happy Tails Kauffee Mocha and Krem!  Have fun! 

Rosie the Water Dog! Summer Fun!

We got this awesome pupdate on Rosie in Florida!  See what her Mom had to say!  Happy Tails Rosie!   

“It’s already hot, hot, hot here in Florida!  We have discovered that Rosie is a water dog!  In addition to swimming in the ocean, she goes crazy for the local dog pool and her splash pad. Here are a few photos!  Rosie is having her best summer ever!


Update! Great News for Beanie!!

Miss Beanie was cruising around Austin, Texas looking for her family when she injured her eye. She tried and tried to rub her eye, which only made it worse. A kind couple picked her up and took her to the shelter. They tried to help her, but lacked the medical equipment needed to see into the eye. She was given drops for conjunctivitis. Russell Rescue, Inc. was finally able to get her out of the shelter and into foster care and to the vet. The vet found the problem immediately. It was a little sticker of some sort. She got it out and prescribed several medications and now Beanie’s eye is nearly back to normal! Beanie’s spay is coming up and she will be up for adoption the last week of May. Stay tuned here for her post!


Good News for Beanie!!

New update on Beanie!!! This morning at the vet hospital it was discovered that the poor girl had a grass spear embedded in her eye!!!!!!! She will be on several meds and should be back to normal in a few days!!!!! Stay tuned here for Beanie’s adoption post when she is ready to roll! Beanie is located in the Austin, Texas area.


An Update on Beanie!

Say a prayer for Beanie this morning! She sees the vet today. We are hoping to get good news about her eye. She was pulled from the shelter, who treated her eye with drops, and is now being fostered in the Georgetown/Austin, Texas area. She is a typical terrier girl. Happy, running around and acting like nothing is wrong. We can’t wait to get her the vet care she needs and get her ready to find her forever home!


Welcome to Russell Rescue – Beanie!

Say hello to Beanie. She is barely a year old. We pulled her from the shelter and she is now in foster care in Georgetown/Austin, Texas. Huge thanks to her foster mom and dad for taking on a very hurt little girl. They did not hesitate! Not only is her eye very sore and swollen, she has flea bite dermatitis. In typical terrier fashion she is running around like nothing is wrong. Vet visit is Monday. We are very anxious to find out about her eye. Stay tuned for more here when Beanie is ready to find her forever home!


Welcome to Russell Rescue – Swifty!

Say hello to Swifty! She is about a year old and is in foster care in Victoria, Texas. So far she is getting along very well with her two foster siblings. So far, she is a little ray of sunshine! Her vetting will be done in about a week. Stay tuned here for more info on Swifty when she is ready to find her forever home!


Bunny – Happy Tails!

Bunny (now called Sammi) came to be a part of the Russell Rescue, Inc. family in March of this year.  It didn’t take long for this adorable scruffy little cutie to find her forever home!  Sammi is living the good life!  Happy Tails Sammi!