Cassie – Happy Tails!

You may remember sweet Cassie. This momma came to Russell Rescue when a good Samaritan found her and her litter of puppies living under their house. All of Cassie’s puppies found wonderful homes and then it was time for this momma to find her forever family. She was adopted back in May by a wonderful family in New Mexico. Cassie is living her best life now! She is loved and spoiled, as she should be! From streets and shelters, to laps and couches, this is what rescue is all about! Happy Tails Cassie!


Welcome to Russell Rescue – Spanky!

Say hi to Spanky!  He’s about 2 years old and is a perfect little shorty boy. His vet visit is coming up and once he gets the “all clear” he will be ready to rumble. He is in foster care in the Houston, Texas area. Keep an eye out here for his adoption post once he’s ready to find her forever home! Welcome to the Russell Rescue family Spanky!


Welcome to Russell Rescue – Spooky!

Welcome this little fella to the Russell Rescue, Inc. family! Spooky is three years old and has had all of his vet work done. He is in foster care in the Dallas, Texas area. So far he has been the perfect little rescue dog. He gets along with everyone and seems to have no issues. He will be going to the vet in a couple of days for his wellness check up. He does have some red areas of skin, but that will clear up fast. He will be posted for adoption after his vet appointment. Be watching for his adoption post here!


Monty – Happy Tails!

How do Jacks beat the extreme heat of summer! Here’s how! Monty (formally Hutch) loves to go swimming! He loves his pool and is in it a lot. It’s one of his favorite exercises. His dad says he has flippers instead of paws! He is very fit from all the swimming. He also goes for a run almost every morning! He will bring the ball to his sister Tula because she does not leave the step on the pool. Monty is a good brother! He is living his best life in his forever home! Happy Tails Monty!





Harley – Happy Tails!

Harley (formerly known as Louise) dropped by to say hello! Harley was rescued from an East Texas area shelter but found an absolutely wonderful family! She is living her best life! Harley wanted to wish everyone a happy day and remind everyone that fostering saves lives! Happy Tails Harley!


Welcome to Russell Rescue – Mylo!

Welcome to the Russell Rescue, Inc. family! This guy is Mylo! He is about one year old. He is in foster care in Tulsa, Oklahoma. So far so good! He has not caused any problems and seems happy and content. He’s a little underweight and we think he may be a little bit wormy. All of that will be taken care of at the vet clinic later this week. Mylo will be posted for adoption soon! Stay tuned!


Welcome to Russell Rescue – Kiki!

This cutie is Kiki!  She is about 6 months old.  She was found in the middle of the night yelping and barking her head off under a car.  She’s in foster care in Seguin/San Antonio, Texas now, so she is safe and sound.  Her vet visit will be Thursday.  Stay tuned!  Welcome to the Russell Rescue family Kiki!   




Welcome to Russell Rescue – Dani!

This baby appeared in someone’s yard in Louisiana. She was never claimed and is now safe in a Russell Rescue, Inc. foster home. Her name is Dani and she’s about 6 months old. We got rid of the fleas and worms and she’s already feeling much better. Dani will be vetted in a few days. Welcome to the Russell Rescue family Dani! We are going to find you the perfect home!


Welcome to Russell Rescue – Wyatt!

Meet Wyatt!  He’s a darling shortie boy in Arkansas.  He’s 4 years old and likes men!  So far he seems very healthy.  Vet visit is coming up then he will be ready for adoption!  Stay tuned here for his adoption post!  Welcome to Russell Rescue, Inc. Wyatt!  




Welcome to Russell Rescue – Darby!

Say hello to Darby.  We rescued her from a shelter outside of Houston, Texas.  She’s about two years old and a perfect little shortie girl.  Her personality and attitude are all Jack!  Her vet visit is this week and we are not expecting anything to be wrong.  Darby will be posted here when she’s ready for adoption!  Keep an eye out!  Welcome to the Russell Rescue, Inc. family Darby!