Welcome to Russell Rescue – Mylo!

Welcome to the Russell Rescue, Inc. family! This guy is Mylo! He is about one year old. He is in foster care in Tulsa, Oklahoma. So far so good! He has not caused any problems and seems happy and content. He’s a little underweight and we think he may be a little bit wormy. All of that will be taken care of at the vet clinic later this week. Mylo will be posted for adoption soon! Stay tuned!


Welcome to Russell Rescue – Kiki!

This cutie is Kiki!  She is about 6 months old.  She was found in the middle of the night yelping and barking her head off under a car.  She’s in foster care in Seguin/San Antonio, Texas now, so she is safe and sound.  Her vet visit will be Thursday.  Stay tuned!  Welcome to the Russell Rescue family Kiki!   




Welcome to Russell Rescue – Dani!

This baby appeared in someone’s yard in Louisiana. She was never claimed and is now safe in a Russell Rescue, Inc. foster home. Her name is Dani and she’s about 6 months old. We got rid of the fleas and worms and she’s already feeling much better. Dani will be vetted in a few days. Welcome to the Russell Rescue family Dani! We are going to find you the perfect home!


Welcome to Russell Rescue – Wyatt!

Meet Wyatt!  He’s a darling shortie boy in Arkansas.  He’s 4 years old and likes men!  So far he seems very healthy.  Vet visit is coming up then he will be ready for adoption!  Stay tuned here for his adoption post!  Welcome to Russell Rescue, Inc. Wyatt!  




Welcome to Russell Rescue – Darby!

Say hello to Darby.  We rescued her from a shelter outside of Houston, Texas.  She’s about two years old and a perfect little shortie girl.  Her personality and attitude are all Jack!  Her vet visit is this week and we are not expecting anything to be wrong.  Darby will be posted here when she’s ready for adoption!  Keep an eye out!  Welcome to the Russell Rescue, Inc. family Darby!


Travis – Happy Tails!

This handsome boy is Travis…now called Huck.  He and his brother were dumped in Texas, and found their way to Russell Rescue.  They were both very very shy.  We weren’t sure that Huck would ever trust anyone enough to be adopted.  But after some TLC from his foster mom, and the perfect adopter, he is Home Sweet Home!  Huck just needed the right situation in which to thrive.  And that’s exactly what he is doing.  Thriving!  From streets and shelters, to laps and couches, that’s what rescue is all about!  Happy Tails Huck! 


Mina – Happy Tails!

Mina was rescued from a Houston, Texas area shelter last Summer.  She was a thin little gal when she first joined the Russell Rescue family.  And she also had heartworms, but received treatment and is now doing great!  Mina found the perfect home around Christmas last year and is now living the life!  As you can see, she is a very good helper!  And she also just wants someone to throw her ball!  Happy Tails Mina! 


Miss Lucky – Happy Tails!

Miss Lucky came to be a part of the Russell Rescue family last Fall when her owner could no longer keep her.  She settled into her foster home nicely and was ready to find her forever home!  This beautiful JRT needed an owner who would play with her and give her some attention.  She’s an energetic girl!  The perfect home came along!  As you can see from the photo, Miss Lucky has a new best buddy!  They love to keep watch over their yard from their favorite window!  Happy Tails Miss Lucky!  


Roper – Happy Tails!

Roper first joined the Russell Rescue family last Summer when he was rescued from a shelter in Michigan.  Roper is now called Tucker.  He found the perfect home only a few short months after coming to Russell Rescue.  This handsome pair is Tucker and his best buddy, Sadie.  They love spending time together and keeping each other company.  And they are always on squirrel patrol!  Happy Tails Tucker!  


Welcome to Russell Rescue – JJ!

JJ is a cute little 5 month old pup!  He is being fostered in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He will be ready for adoption at the end of April after his 3rd set of vaccinations.  Keep an eye out for his postings here when he’s ready to find his forever home!  Welcome to the Russell Rescue, Inc. family JJ!