Spotlight Cappy – Update

Update on Cappy!  Cappy had his surgery yesterday!  His foster mom said he is on good pain medication and slept through the night last night.  Today, he is eating and walking, so that’s a good sign. He has had quite a bit of pain, but his foster mom is taking good care of him.  He should be feeling better soon. Thank you so much to those of you who have donated to Cappy’s fundraiser so far. We have raised about $900.  That leaves us $300 short of our goal.

Please consider giving to Cappy! No amount is too small. It all adds up. You can donate at with PayPal and all major credit cards.  Please notate that your donation is for Cappy in the name field.

Spotlight Cappy

Spotlight CappyThis handsome little guy is Cappy and he needs our help! He is about 2 years old, weighs about 15 pounds, and he is a sweetie!  We rescued him from a shelter in the San Antonio, Texas area very recently. He had been hit by a car and taken to the shelter. Cappy’s foster mom got him to a vet, and it turns out that his hip joint has been knocked out of the socket. This is causing him pain and needs to be fixed as soon as possible!

The vet estimates that the bill for Cappy’s surgery will be around $1200 to get him back up and running. Cappy is a youngster with a long life ahead of him. Once he has surgery to fix his little leg, we can find him a forever family! Won’t you help us help Cappy by giving? No amount is too small… it all adds up!

Cappy Update – Jan 31

Cappy XrayYou can donate at with PayPal and all major credit cards.  Please notate that your donation is for Cappy in the name field.

Russell Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Donations made to Russell Rescue, Inc. are tax-deductible to the contributor.

Follow along here for updates. Thank you from Cappy!

Happy Tails – Teddy

Ed… now called Teddy, found a forever family! He was adopted in August and is having the time of his life! He loves the big back yard at his new house.

He enjoys spending time out back, hunting for squirrels. He wakes up really early every morning ready to play! His family says he is wonderful and very smart!

Happy Tails Teddy!!

Spotlight Alyse – Update

Alyse BetterAlyse Updates

October 29 – Our sweet little Alyse has been adopted and is as happy as can be in her forever home! We appreciate our supporters so much. Alyse got the medical care she needed because of your donations and now she is finally home! Happy Tails Alyse!

June 15 –  We got this update today about Alyse and wanted to share with all of you.  Thank you all again for your donations to her vet bill. We are hoping she is ready to find her forever family soon!

Alyse had her dental today.  Our poor baby had 18 teeth pulled!  Plus, the vet noticed that she had a wax plug in one ear.  It was a quarter inch long and hard as a rock. It’s out now!

Her foster mom, Ginger said, “Alyse is not a happy camper right now!  She will get plenty of TLC tonight.”

Stay tuned for more updates.

alyseJune 10 – We want to say thank you to everyone who donated to Alyse!  We reached our goal and Alyse is scheduled for her surgery on June 14th.  She will be one happy girl once those teeth are fixed.  We can’t tell you how much your support means.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Thank you from Alyse!  Stay tuned for more updates.

Alyse’s Story

Alyse needs our help!  She looks perfect and adorable, right?  She is adorable, but what you can’t see is her horribly rotten teeth.  They are so rotten, one of them just fell out in Robyn’s hand! The vet snapped several photos that are posted here.  Her gums are filled with pus and the teeth are loose. The vet says there will be around 6 extractions.

Please help our sweet girl!  In order for Alyse to be ready to find her forever family, she must get her teeth fixed. Her little mouth is painful and the extractions need to be scheduled as soon as possible.  The 6 extractions will run about $600. Please help us help Alyse by giving. No amount is too small… it all adds up! Please notate that your donation is for Alyse in the name field.  Follow along here for updates.

Thank you from Alyse!

alyse teeth

alyse teeth

Spotlight Terrier – Gracie

Gracie - Spotlight TerrierUpdate: Oct 7,  2018 – Update on Gracie!  We reached our fundraising goal!  Thank you so much to those of you who donated.  Gracie had her spay surgery and dental cleaning last week.  She also had a bump removed from her rear end. She is recovering nicely and is wearing a cone.

She is on the road to recovery. It won’t be long now before we can start looking for the perfect forever family for Gracie.  Thank you so much for your support! Follow along here for updates.

Gracie’s Story

You will probably remember this little Jack Russell (previous story).  Her name is Gracie. One of our volunteers from Iowa saw her photo on Craigslist back in July.  She suspected Gracie was from a puppy mill, and she was right. Gracie had spent most of her life in a barn birthing puppies.  She is about 7 years old. During that time, her breeder fed her mushy puppy food. As a result, her teeth are a mess. After her journey from Iowa to Texas in July, Gracie has made great strides.  She is safe and sound in a foster home near Sherman, Texas. She is learning how to be loved and cared for properly for the first time in her life.

Gracie is now ready to get her vet work done.  She needs to have a dental cleaning and also needs to be spayed.  When we first got her, she was overweight from eating all the puppy mash, but she is now a healthy 19 pounds and is ready for the rest of her life to start.  We would love to get her vet work done so that we can begin the process of finding Gracie a forever family.

The vet estimates that Gracie’s spay surgery and dental cleaning will run about $600.  Please help us help Gracie by giving. No amount is too small…it all adds up! You can donate on our site with PayPal and all major credit cards.  Please notate that your donation is for Gracie in the name field.

About Russell Rescue

Russell Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.  Donations made to Russell Rescue, Inc. are tax-deductible to the contributor.  Follow along here for updates. Thank you from Gracie!


Cotton Ball

Although Estée Lauder is a beautiful, happy girl now, she had a challenging start in life. She, her mom, and two siblings were found outside of Houston emaciated and starving. After finding their way to Austin Pets Alive, the three puppies were placed in foster care with friends Sean, Renee, and McKenna Lowery. After weeks of tender loving care, Estée was healthy and ready to be placed for adoption. Catherine had been watching the Lowerys via Facebook and following the family’s journey to good health. She was impressed with how well Estée’s foster sister, six-year-old McKenna, was doing with the puppies and was feeling a heart tug. After Estée was returned from her first adoption, Catherine realized she was meant to be her dog and adopted Estée forever.

Unknown to the Lowerys at the time of the first adoption, Estée was severely sight impaired. According to ophthalmologists at Texas A&M’s Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, Estée suffered an infection that damaged her retina, probably around the time of birth. Her sight impairment made adjustment to new environments more challenging for Estée. Catherine and her husband Keith felt like they needed help with Estée, and eventually were referred to Aubrey Kotlarich, a RRI volunteer. Aubrey helped the Coles socialize Estée in many different ways, including introducing Estée to her own dogs. The ophthalmologist, Aubrey, and the Coles all thought a friend for Estée might give her more confidence. The first introduction with Aubrey’s large, black (very sweet and gentle) dog didn’t go well. Estée growled and was clearly uncomfortable.

On a follow-up visit to her ophthalmologist, the Dr. suspected Estée’s eyesight may have improved. She decided to do a “cotton ball” test. Because a cotton ball has no sound or smell, it really tests if she can see it. When dropped, Estée actually tracked the small, white cotton ball with her eyes as it fell to the floor! She could see it!

Aubrey just so happened to be very good friends with Caroline Youngblood, another RRI volunteer. And, Caroline just so happened to have a little rescue dog named Jessie. Jessie is an 8 month old tri smooth perfect looking JRT. She is 100 percent white behind the head. White… very white. Discussions and conversations were had and a meeting was planned. Jessie was brought to Estée’s home. With the Coles, Caroline, and Aubrey right there, the girls got acquainted. Pretty soon Jessie was trotting all over the yard snooping and sniffing. Right behind her was Estée. To Catherine’s delight Estée was following Jessie into areas of the yard that she had never been comfortable going to before. Where Jessie went Estée went.

Jessie is the perfect companion for Estée. They are the same age and have the same activity level. Estée is happier and more confident. And Jessie has the one thing that Estée can see… a bright white coat. The Coles have happily adopted Jessie Jane forever. She is Estée’s little “cotton ball!”

Catherine Cole, Ph.D.

Saving Gracie

Gracie - Day 1

Gracie – Day 1

Written by: Sandra Jolley, Coordinator, Russell Rescue, Inc.

(Some names have been changed to protect privacy)

On July 8, 2018, a woman from Iowa named Ruby filled out the online volunteer application.  She had seen an ad on Craigslist for a female Jack Russell Terrier and suspected it was from a puppy mill.  She wanted to save the dog and foster it but needed the support of Russell Rescue in order to do it. The picture of the poor little dog was sad.  She contacted the person who had advertised the dog and picked it up. Ruby wanted to call her Gracie. Beneath the thick, filthy, urine-stained, rough coat and fat was a very pretty JRT.  Gracie was shaking uncontrollably and would not even move. After a visit to the groomer and the vet clinic, Gracie was ready to come home. For the first time in her life she was clean and safe and on a soft bed with access to grass.

Ruby’s two personal Jack Russell’s were not allowed contact with Gracie because we knew that she would probably be afraid of them.  With Ruby’s quiet and gentle instruction, Gracie learned to eat regular food and drink water from a bowl. She learned to use the bathroom on the grass.  Ruby had Gracie two weeks before she had an emergency that would prevent her from caring for Gracie any longer. I had to get Gracie out of Iowa and to Texas within a week.   And Ruby, trooper that she is, started looking at transport sites to help me get Gracie to Texas! She found a wonderful young woman named Courtney who was willing to drive 5 hours, but not further, because the price of gas made it too expensive.  So, we paid her to drive Gracie all the way to Sherman, Texas. Had we not found Courtney, I don’t know what we would have done!

In the 18 years I have volunteered with Russell Rescue, this is in the top 5 of the most difficult things I have faced.Sandra Jolley

From the very moment that Ruby told me another foster needed to be found for Gracie, I was a nervous wreck.  Hours and hours of phone calling, and texting, and emailing ensued. At night, my right hand, arm and shoulder were cramped and aching from texting so much.  Gracie had to have a health certificate and a new crate. She could not be allowed to get out of the crate on the way down to Sherman, Texas because we were scared to death that she might get loose.  Had Gracie been a normal dog….a happy well adjusted dog, it would have been easier. But, she was a timid, frightened little girl who was losing the only human that had ever shown her any kindness. It took 9 people 7 days to plan this transport.

Ruby rode in the car with a friend to meet Courtney that morning at 7:00 AM. She said her tearful goodbyes to Gracie and then turned her over to Courtney for the drive to Texas. Courtney drove 10.5 hours that day to Sherman, Texas.  She arrived at 5:30 on July 26th. Gracie is now at her new foster home with Lecia trying to adjust. In the 18 years I have volunteered with Russell Rescue, this is in the top 5 of the most difficult things I have faced. Gracie still needs to be spayed and have a dental and a bump removed from her rear.  But, for now……we are going to say a prayer of thanksgiving that we got her to Texas.

Gracie and Lecia

Gracie and Courtney

Gracie and Rita

Written by: Ruby, Volunteer, Russell Rescue, Inc.

Gracie Bath

Gracie Bath

I wanted to say thank you to Terry for her patience in bathing the puppy mill dog Gracie I am fostering.

Gracie was so filthy and urine-stained from laying in her own messes and smelled like garbage. Terry was so gentle and took such good care in getting her all clean and smelling good, probably for the first time in her life.  Also, to the Anderson Veterinary Clinic and their patience examining her, giving her vaccinations, heartworm test, meds for her skin infection and mouth infection and other tests prior to her upcoming spay and teeth cleaning in a few weeks.  Dr. Howard and his wife are top notch; they took care of Gracie. They helped get her interested in food since she did not want to eat or drink water. Since she was a breeding dog, she ate puppy mash all the time, more protein for her and to have healthy puppies.

Gracie was very good for the veterinarian, and even though she was scared and shaking, she allowed them to do it all without a whine or whimper, and she didn’t lash out, either. Gracie is a Jack Russell Terrier. She is 5-7 years old, very quiet, timid, and paces when she is out of her kennel, which is her safe place right now.  She is not used to grass or being able to run around a yard after living in a pen all her life. She spooks at noises and is scared and cowers. In order for me to take her outside to potty, the kennel has to come out too and eventually she will creep out of it. I sit outside with her, and she will crawl within a couple feet of me now and that is progress; she will roll over, and I will scratch her belly.

She follows me a short distance around the yard but keeps an eye on her kennel and won’t get too far away from it. If you walk up to her, she will crouch to the ground but she does allow you to pet her. She has to decompress and learn no harm will come to her, and that bad life is far behind her now. She has had a rotten life with no love or kindness, used only to make money for a horrible breeder that has no regard for his dogs. Yes, people, this is the ugly side to Iowa where dogs are viewed as livestock by our government, and puppy mills allowed with little care to the dogs. Since she is done breeding, they no longer had use for her and gave her away.

I am so very glad for Russell Rescue who answered my messages and reached out to help her.  By God’s grace, which is where her name came from, Gracie now can learn what love, hugs and gentleness are. She has a second chance, and down the road, she can have a family to adopt her and give her a loving home for the rest of her days.

Colonel Nugget Update

Colonel Nugget

Sharing Chore Money with RRI

Oh, oh Colonel Nugget!! You are the best!!

You are such a good boy to share your chore money and allowance with your “Rescue Cousins.”  We hope you had a wonderful time at the Yankee Trial and hope you are having a WONDERFUL summer!!

Give you Mom lots and lots of kisses from us.

Your Friends in Rescue

Thanks to the Austin Lady Magic Girls

Hi! It’s us, Whinny, Indy and Heidi! Thank you, thank you, nice Basketball girls!! Will you come and let us out of jail, too?

HUGE shout out of thanks to the Austin Lady Magic Girls basketball team and their coach!!

Coach B. and her girls have sent in a wonderful donation for the sponsorship of Barbie’s puppies, for vet bills, food and other procedures.

Over $1,000 was donated for shots and worming, tail docks, dewclaw removal and puppy food. The pups are thrilled!  (They keep asking when I am taking them to Austin to thank their sponsors in person??)

It does our hearts good to see young athletes using their skills to help others,  and especially to help our animal friends.

We wish Coach B. and her girls the very, very best of luck in their next season, and all of you should know, Whinny, Heidi and Indy will be cheering right alongside everyone else!