Magnolia – Happy Tails!

I have a feeling you will all remember Audrey from Texas.  Audrey and her three puppies happened to wander up to a nice woman’s home, covered in fleas, and were taken in.  That was the summer of 2021.  We are certain this good samaritan saved Audrey’s life that day, because this poor momma was in need of food, water, medical care, and a soft place to lay her head.  Audrey was heartworm positive with heartworms that were so bad that she had to stay at the vet clinic for several days after each heartworm injection.  Our Audrey girl was so sweet, and spunky and had that JRT fighting spirit though, and she overcame many obstacles and now has a clean bill of health.  

Audrey and all three puppies found wonderful forever homes.  Audrey’s mom sent us this video of her hanging out recently.  Audrey is doing great!  And she now goes by Magnolia!  From streets and shelters, to laps and couches…that’s what rescue is all about!  Happy Tails, Magnolia!  



Angie – Happy Tails!

Angie came to Russell Rescue, Inc. in June of last year.  We rescued her from a shelter in Houston, Texas.  She has found a wonderful family where she is loved and spoiled, like she should be!  Happy Tails Angie!!


Bogie – Happy Tails!

This handsome boy was found wandering around on the streets of the San Antonio, Texas area.  No owner could be found.  Bogie entered foster care with Russell Rescue, Inc. and found his forever home last November.  As you can see from the photos, he has found a lap, loves his toys and best of all…he is Home Sweet Home!  Happy Tails Bogie! 


Skippy – Happy Tails!

Have you ever seen two more amazing smiles?  This handsome boy is Gary. He is now called Skippy.  He came to Russell Rescue at the end of the summer in 2022.  We got him from a shelter.  He settled into his foster home and by the fall had found his forever home!  Just look at that smile!  He is Home Sweet Home!  Happy Tails Skippy! 


Thank you to our patrons!

Thank you to one of our favorite patrons!  This is his beautiful JRT pictured below!

We appreciate all of our donors and supporters so much!  We couldn’t save these little JRT’s without you!





Welcome to Russell Rescue – Princess!

Princess was tossed out of a car.  To Russell Rescue, Inc. she is not trash!  She is a little treasure and is living the good life in Magnolia/Houston, Texas now at her foster home.  We think she is about a year old and only weighs about 14 pounds.  She has been vaccinated and has tested negative for heartworms.  As soon as she is spayed, she will be ready for adoption and to find her forever home!  Welcome to the Russell Rescue family Princess! 


A Courageous Cassie Update!

A Courageous Cassie Update!
Cassie and her little family are now in Cotulla,Texas. The Weslaco fosters did an outstanding job of bathing and getting them to the vet for a wellness exam. Everyone was pronounced healthy! The puppies are approximately 5 weeks old. They are eating, playing, and sleeping. There are 2 boys and 4 girls. Check back in a few days for another update.



Video of Momma Cassie:




Welcome to Russell Rescue – Kimma!

Sweet little Kimma lost her way.  A Good Samaritan picked her up and now she is being cared for by a foster with Russell Rescue, Inc. in the San Antonio, Texas area.  She is a sweet little girl and very playful.  Stay tuned for updates on her and be looking for her adoption post, when she’s ready, right here.




Welcome to Russell Rescue – The Spice Dogs!

Say hello to the Spice Dogs – Sage, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg!  They have had their checkups and vaccinations.  So far they are sweet and a little shy.  Cinnamon and Nutmeg are in foster care in the Dallas, Texas area.  Sage is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Stay tuned for their postings here when they are ready for adoption.  Welcome to the Russell Rescue family Spice Dogs! 


Welcome to Russell Rescue – Trapper!

This nifty little boy is Trapper. He was found in Houston, Texas and taken in before the temps in south Texas went down to 15 degrees! He’s a little shy and understandably under the weather. His vet visit is Tuesday and hopefully he will be ready to find a forever home soon! Watch for his post here! Welcome to the Russell Rescue, Inc. family Trapper! No more streets for you!